Edward James
Game Designer and Hype Advisor

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Major works
Project Foot Stool
Project Foot Stool My newest and juiciest creation! Stemming from one simple idea that kept me up at night 'What if you made a fighting game where you just jump on their head?' And Project Foot Stool is just that. Named after the technique coined by Super Smash Brothers 4, it is a fast paced competitive game that puts seemingly impenetrable games like Street Fighter to shame.
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Project Kitchen Roll
Project Kitchen Roll Although it might only be a tech demo, this project took over 8 months to get the technology right. Showcasing a unique visual echolocation system, Kitchen Roll is the story of Kam, a girl who loses her sight in an isolated and hostile world and must come to terms with her new found disability to survive.
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Into The Rift
Dat Space Game Using the Oculus and Leap motion, the team and I created an immersive space exploration game in only 6 weeks. As part of a small university game development team, I was the creative director, overseeing all major aspects of the project, from lighting and 3D art, to programming and level design.
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Kritzkast Bingo
Kritzkast Bingo A simple bingo sheet generator based on my favourite podcast, Kritzkast! Made using Unity, assets such as rules and pictures are pulled from a server to generate a unique bingo sheet that listeners fill out during an episode!
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Why 1080?
1080 The reason my site is called 1080 comes down to a joke forged in the alcoholic fires of university. Much like Bungie, said joke shall never be told, (and one day 1080 may become the next great game developer), but the possibility of 1080: 10 80 (1080 the game: the 10 80ing) releasing is always on the horizon.